Minutes 1st February 2023

Minutes of the Irnham Parish Council Meeting

Held in St Andrew’s Church, Irnham on Wednesday 01 February 2023 at 7pm.

Present: Cllrs Amanda Ayre, Jon Crook, Jenny Crow, Lynda Hall, Trevor Vanson.

Parish Council Clerk: Jenny Crow

Public Address

The Chairman welcomed 27 parishioners to the meeting and invited comments during the 15 minutes pre meeting slot.

Points raised were as follows:

• Concerns about excessive noise due to machinery usage in a garage in Bulby.  SKDC aware.

• SKDC has consulted residents of Bulby about a planning application for an annex to a property which is currently regularly let on Airbnb.  Several concerns raised.

• Some hedges in Bulby are again becoming overgrown.  A lot of old tree guards are being dragged out onto the road probably by the vast number of deer now moving through the village.

• Verges are, again, being destroyed by the deer.

• The recent cold periods have seen large amounts of ice build up at the junction near the pumping station in Bulby as well as near the ford.

• Head wall area opposite the pumping station in Bulby needs clearing and the timber fence replacing.

• The poor state of Osgodby road was raised.

Cllr Martin Hill was welcomed to the meeting and responded to issues relating to highways.  He has recently toured the parish with highway’s personnel and made them aware of the running water issues.  It is understood that landowners will be written to by LCC.


The Chairman explained he would formally open the meeting for items 1 to 4 and then suspend the meeting to enable parishioners to join a discussion about the proposed new Irnham Village Sign.

1) Apologies for absence

1/1Cllr Nick Robins was delayed. 


2) Members declaration of interest or request for dispensation



3) Minutes of meetings 

3/1Minutes of PC meeting 02/11/22 read and accepted as correct record.


4) Matters arising


Meeting suspended for a discussion about the new village sign in Irnham.

Two possible designs were available for parishioners to view at the beginning of the meeting on boards measuring the actual size of the proposed signs.

Points raised during the discussion:

• Do we need a village sign?

• Could the funds be put towards play equipment?

• Could a bench be installed instead?

• Should the decision rest with Irnham residents only?

• Sir Andrew’s brass is not unique unlike the image of Sir Geoffrey from the Luttrell psalter.

• Could the sign combine more modern features as well as a link to the past?

Parishioners had been given a slip to indicate their preference.

It was made clear to those present that the views of the whole parish would be taken into account by the Parish Council in deciding the next steps in the project.  It was also made clear that the flag pole was a project to recognise the Platinum Jubilee of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the village sign would be dedicated to the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.  The PC considers these to be suitable legacies in the 2020s.

During the session a question was asked about payment for the flag pole.  The Chairman confirmed this had been paid in full by the PC.  Sir Jamie Benton Jones had provided the brazier, for which the Councillors were most grateful, as PC funds could not provide this.  At the PC meeting in November Cllrs agreed to a contribution of £250 towards the concrete base for the flag pole and brazier and are awaiting an invoice.

(The Clerk confirms the votes for the designs were as follows: Option 1 (vertical) Sir Andrew – 33, Option 2 (horizontal) Sir Geoffrey – 11.  The votes include the slips returned on the night as well as preferences expressed by people who gave their apologies.)

5) County Council/District Council matters

5/1 Cllr Hill explained the Council Tax looks likely to rise by 5%. Further spending on Highways will be targeted at rural roads, traffic regulation orders and pedestrian crossings.  Cllr Hill confirmed he will look at the state of Osgodby road.  The hospital situation does look to be improving but Cllr Hill acknowledged this is a more complex problem than is portrayed in the media.

5/2 Cllr Robins joined the meeting and apologised for his late arrival.  He was brought up to date on the issues raised during the public address and offered personal contact with residents to try to resolve matters.  Staffing issues remain a problem.  Cllr Robins provided a written report which has been placed, in full,  on the Irnham Parish website.

5/3 SKDC have circulated information about the District and Parish elections taking place on 4th May 2023.  These elections involve the election to all Parish and District Councillor seats.  Clerk to attend a briefing on 27th February and notices will be displayed on the parish website and notice boards.  Anyone interested in becoming a parish councillor is invited to collect nomination packs from Cllr Crow.  Everyone was reminded that all people eligible to vote this time will require photograph ID.


6) Accounts

6/1 The donation of £243.12 to the air ambulance has been made and a certificate of thanks received.

6/2 Income into the 2022/23 accounts since the last meeting has been interest on the Defibrillator Account of £3.83, the second half year community cleaner payment of £231.66 and £92 profit from the sing-along raffle.  Councillors approved the following payments: £579.60 for the replacement adult defibrillator pads from the defibrillator budget, £500 deposit payment for art work from Black Forge Signs and £12 payment to LALC for a basic website service agreement for the remainder of the current financial year.  The balance in the current account as at 01/02/23 is £2674.04, the balance in the Defibrillator account is £4440.78.                  

6/3 Cllrs agreed the bank reconciliation for 31/12/22.

6/4 Cllrs agreed the draft budget.

 6/5 Cllrs agreed that the post of Parish Clerk will need to be advertised formally.  There are currently

 a lot of posts advertised on the LALC website.  Clerk to prepare a job advert.

 6/6 Option to purchase an Annual Training Scheme agreement for core training - £90 +VAT.  Non ATS

 members pay £25 for half day course, £65 for full day (£55 if remotely).  Cllrs agreed to look into this.

 6/7 Cllrs agreed to look into .gov.uk secure email systems for councillors after the elections in May.

 6/8 Cllrs agreed the precept for 2023/24 should be £1900.  This decision reflects the increased responsibilities and demands on Parish Councillors and the decision taken to have a separate experienced Clerk/Responsible Finance office/Website manager. 


7) Planning applications

7/1 Planning application S22/0415 for conversion and change of use of listed barns to a single residential dwelling in Bulby still awaiting decision.

7/2 Planning application S22/0230 for a proposed water Pipeline Scheme which passes through the Parish approved.

7/3 Planning application S22/1847 for a proposed water Pipeline Scheme which passes through the Parish approved 13/01/23.

7/4 Planning application S22/1945 for variation to plans at Southwood Farm now approved.

7/5 Planning application S22/2375 for erection of an annex at Linden House, Bulby discussed by Councillors and objections raised.  Councillors are awaiting further information on the dimensions of the building.

7/6 Cllr Robins clarified the definition of ‘work commencing within 3 years of planning permission being obtained.’  Planning permission involving demolition of existing buildings is considered to have started even if no further work commences within 3 years.


8) Update on highways issues within the parish

8/1 Cllr Ayre reported the ongoing signage issues in relation to Bulby ford.  An initial response from

Rowan Smith was followed up but no further developments.

8/2 Cllr Ayre has reported various potholes and issues to do with the erosion of verges which has left

Dangerous, deep ruts.

8/3 Cllr Ayre has reported the considerable ice problem experienced in Bulby during the two recent

cold spells.  Deep ruts formed in the ice near the ford due to the run off from the fields and blocked 

ditches.  Similar problems occurred at the junction near the pumping station and the road towards Elsthorpe.

8/4 The deer are causing even more widespread damage in and around Bulby this year.  Some individual landowners seem to be trying to tackle the problem but too much land is not being managed and the problem is now completely out of hand.  Cllrs agreed to write to the MP about the problem.

8/5 Clerk has received notification of temporary 30mph speed restrictions during the water pipeline work.  There will also be road closure on Hawthorpe Road (Between Bulby Road and a point 800m east) during the period 20/02/2023 – 03/03/2023 as necessary for pipeline work. Information is available on the parish website.

8/6 Speed Indicator Information shows an average of 30mph and still, therefore, too many vehicles over 30mph.  Cllrs to consider moving the sign.


9) Update on parish projects 2023/24

9/1 Irnham village sign – See notes above regarding parishioners’ discussion. Cllrs received a good, positive response to the flyer distributed to all residents in November with two draft designs of possible signs. As a result Cllrs commissioned two professional designs of the two signs under consideration. 

Councillors discussed the points raised by parishioners and unanimously agreed they wished to proceed with the project.  A clear majority of residents of the Parish have expressed a preference for the vertical sign depicting Sir Andrew Luttrell.  Cllrs agreed the next step is to obtain further costings for the vertical sign and also consider the most appropriate size of the sign. Cllrs are most grateful to everyone who has offered to donate to the project and will also consider other fund raising events.  Cllrs confirmed that plaques will be purchased to dedicate the flag pole to the Platinum Jubilee and the sign to the Coronation.

9/2 New parish website is now live.  Residents are asked to give the Clerk feedback to ensure this is a

useful resource for the parish.


10) Update on parish events

10/1 Christmas Event – The Christmas sing-along was enjoyed by approximately 30 people.  Martin was thanked for accompanying everyone on the piano.  Cllrs will consider the format of future events later in the year.

10/2 Coronation Lunch – Plans for the weekend have now been announced by the Palace.  Irnham Coronation Lunch will take place on Sunday 7th May 2023, 12 noon in the Wedding Venue, Irnham Hall.  The Stamford Stompers have been booked again  from 12 noon till 3pm.  Further details to follow.

10/3 Cllrs confirmed they will provide Coronation Mugs for the children of the parish.

10/4 Monday 8th May 2023 has been declared The Big Help Out day.

11) Correspondence

11/1 Ridge Clean Energy – Temple Oaks Renewable Energy Park – Statutory Consultation Events in 

Spring 2023


12)   Irnham parochial church council matters for the parish

12/1 Nothing to report. 


13)   Any other business

13/1 Cllrs would like to thank the SKDC Big Clean team for the excellent work they did in Irnham on 16th January.

13/2 The adult defibrillator pads have all been replaced.  The defibrillator cabinet in Hawthorpe is not opening via the key pad.  A key has been placed by the cabinet to unlock manually.  A repair is to be costed.  The supply of fridge magnets with the defibrillator code on has run out.  Cllrs agreed to look for a suitable way of continuing to make people aware locally of the code.  

13/3 Clerk clarified the law in relation to domestic bonfires.  You can not burn waste if it will cause

pollution or harm.  There is a whole section on the SKDC website offering advice about garden fires

and bonfires Garden fires and bonfires (southkesteven.gov.uk)  


14) Dates of next meetings:

14/1 Annual Parish meeting, Wednesday 19th April, Annual Parish Council meeting, Wednesday 10th May 2023.  Both meetings to commence at 7pm in St Andrew’s Church.


Meeting ended at 8.45pm.   


Parish Update – February 2023 Councillor Nick Robins

Voter ID and the May local elections

In May, local elections will be taking place across South Kesteven. There will be a big change this year with photo ID required to be able to vote at a polling station; but it’s important to note that postal voters are not affected.

Accepted forms of photo ID include a passport, driving licence, Blue Badge, Older Person’s bus pass, and identity cards with the Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram. Most voters will already have an accepted form of ID - and those who haven't can apply online or via SKDC.

The Council is making it as straightforward as possible for those who need to obtain ID so they can cast their vote. People can apply free either online at gov.uk or through SKDC by completing a paper application form or applying in person. 

SKDC administers the polls so our preparations are well under way. The elections are a massive undertaking for us, when every District Council seat across South Kesteven will be contested - that’s 56 seats across 30 wards, as well as those for town and parish councils.

For all the information on the May local elections, including how to register to vote, visit our website, www.southkesteven.gov.uk.


Garden waste

Fortnightly collections for the 2023-24 Garden Waste Collection Service scheme will start on Monday 3rd April, which means it is time to renew your service.

Last year more than 31,000 residents joined the scheme, and they are being contacted to remind them to renew their membership for the service, which is, of course, also available to new members.
Customers can renew or register [from Monday, 6th February] paying by card or direct debit at our website southkesteven.gov.uk 

It’s easy to join online - or by phone - and we are confident that for £2.13 per collection the service represents great value for money and saves residents time and trips to their local recycling centre.

New bin collection lorry for breast cancer awareness

You may have seen the amazing coverage of our new pink bin lorry, raising awareness of breast cancer and the importance of checking for symptoms.

It is already in service so you may have seen it out on its rounds sharing a message which can literally save lives.

The Council worked closely with our lorry supplier, Dennis Eagle, who were delighted to support such a good cause with a pink paint job on a freighter already on order for the refuse collection fleet.

The new vehicle was always scheduled for delivery to join our fleet, so there was no extra cost to the council for either the lorry or the pink paintwork.

It came about through our housing officer Rachael Bradley, working tirelessly to help other sufferers after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020. I am pleased to report she is now in remission.

SKToday magazine
Do keep an eye out for your next issue of SKToday, which is being delivered to every home in the district from the end of February onwards.
As well as useful information on Bank Holiday bin collections, there’s advice on how households can better cope with the cost of living, and features on some wonderful inspirational women of South Kesteven, our vital homelessness prevention work, an all the ins and outs of the Council Tax.

Parking payment change
SKDC-operated car parks have all been successfully upgraded to allow card and contactless payment. This means customers will be able to pay with cash or by card, as the previous phone and pay system is discontinued.
The new system allows faster, more convenient, transactions and less need for people to use coins, reducing queues and preventing people having to struggle for the correct change.
The ticket machines will still provide a paper ticket for display in the windscreen.

Cost of Living
I understand how important it is that we continue to support those most affected by rising energy and household prices. I am pleased that SKDC’s Cost of Living Task Force continues to make progress supporting residents across the District.
In the latest edition of SK Today, further information is included and provided a printed resource for every home in the District. 
An additional leaflet will be distributed alongside Council Tax reminders, rent letters and tenancy sign-up packs, and alongside other letters issued by SKDC, while a copy is attached to this email.
There is also an online hub with information and guidance available via the SKDC website: www.southkesteven.gov.uk/costofliving

And finally, a plug for Stamford Arts Centre
For those of you who are fans of classical music, I am delighted to report that world-renowned artists will be performing at the historic and picturesque Stamford Arts Centre over the next few months – and what a fantastic venue it is for them.
The performances continue until April so there is plenty of time to attend the Arts Centre and witness this celebration of classical music in our District. 
Our Arts Centre teams do a wonderful job in booking exciting programmes of entertainment so I would encourage you to give your support and experience events here.