Draft Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 8th May 2024

DRAFT Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Irnham Parish Council
Held in St Andrew’s Church, Irnham, on Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 7pm
Present: Cllrs Amanda Ayre, Jon Crook, Jenny Crow, Lynda Hall, Trevor Vanson.
Parish Council Clerk: Jenny Crow
1. Election of chairman
a. Cllr Ayre proposed Cllr Vanson, seconded by Cllr Crook.  Cllr Vanson accepted the position as Chairman and signed the declaration of acceptance of office.
2. Apologies for absence
a. Tom Bagge    
3. Election of vice chairman
a. Cllr Vanson proposed Cllr Ayre, seconded by Cllr Hall.  Cllr Ayre accepted the position as Vice Chairman.
4. Appointment of responsible finance officer and internal auditor
a. Cllr Vanson proposed Cllr Crow as Responsible Finance officer, seconded by Cllr Hall.  Cllr Crow accepted the position as Responsible Finance Officer.
b. Martin Fuggle agreed to continue as the Internal Auditor.  He was thanked for his work in 2023/24.
    Officers for 2024/2025
    Chairman: Cllr Trevor Vanson
    Vice Chairman: Cllr Amanda Ayre           
   Clerk/RFO: Cllr Jenny Crow
    Internal Auditor: Martin Fuggle
5.  Appointment of representative on parochial church council
a. Cllr Ayre agreed to continue as Representative on Parochial Church Council.
6.  Members declaration of interest or request for dispensation
      a.  None
7. Minutes of last meeting
a. Minutes of PC meeting 28/02/24 read and accepted as correct record.
b. Minutes of APM meeting 24/04/24 read and accepted as correct record.
8. Matters arising
a. It was noted that the plaques have now been installed on the sign and near the flag pole.
b. The purchase of other flags will be discussed under item 13.
c. Bulb planting projects to be discussed at the PC meeting in August.
9. County Council/District Council matters
      a.  No Cllrs present  
10. Accounts
a. Income into the 2023/24 accounts since the last meeting has been interest on the Defibrillator Account of £5.06.  The balance at the end of the financial year in the current account as at 31/03/24 is £3801.06,  the balance in the Defibrillator account is £4589.28.
b. Cllrs agreed the bank reconciliation for 31/03/24.
c. The accounts for 2023/24 are with the internal auditor.  Papers had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.
d. Councillors approved the Certificate of Exemption, proposed by Cllr Crook, seconded by Cllr Ayre and carried unanimously.
e. Councillors approved the Annual Governance Statement 2023/24.  Proposed by Cllr Hall, seconded by Cllr Ayre and carried unanimously.
f. Councillors approved the Annual Accounting Statement 2023/24.  Proposed by Cllr Ayre, seconded by Cllr Hall and carried unanimously.
g. Councillors agreed the period for the exercise of Public Rights to view the accounts should be during the period Monday 3rd  June to Friday 12th  July.
h. Clerk confirmed the Precept for 2024/25 had now been received.  
i. Income into the 2024/25 accounts has been the precept of £2000 and interest on the Defibrillator Account of £4.74.  Councillors approved the Arien Designs payment of £160.20, the RBLI payment of £38.95 and the Insurance Premium of £355.02. The balance of the Current Account is £5558.16 and the Defibrillator Account £4594.02.
j. VAT claim currently £62.58 to be claimed later in the year.                  
k. Cllrs approved the draft budget.
l. Cllrs approved the Asset Register.
m. Cllrs approved the LALC web support service at £54 for 2024/25.
11.  Planning Applications
a.  Planning Application S24/0035 for double garage at rear of property, single storey extension to side and rear with new access at Lancer, Hawthorpe including change of use of 3m strip of land approved by SKDC. 
b. Planning Application S24/0273 outline planning for one new dwelling and double garage adjacent to 21 & 22 Swinstead Road Irnham supported by Cllrs and approved by SKDC.
c. Planning Application S24/0458 for works to a TPO tree at Chalfield House Irnham supported by Cllrs and awaiting decision from SKDC.
12.  Update on highways issues within the parish
a.  Cllr Ayre has reported a lot more potholes, particularly the road from Bulby to Irnham via Marwood farm. 
b. Cllr Ayre has received communication from Anglian Water Strategic Pipeline to say construction in the north ie the Parish will be rephased in Summer 2024.  Cllrs are concerned at the delay to the work being completed.
c. Cllr Hall has also reported potholes.
d. Cllrs expressed concern at the state of the Osgodby Road.  This will be followed up with LCC Highways. 
13.  Update on parish projects/events 2024/25
a.  The Big Help Out – Cllrs confirmed the following arrangements:
Friday 7th June – Clean Up in Irnham
Saturday 8th June – Clean up in Bulby
Sunday 9th June BBQ in Irnham Park.  Cllrs will work with Irnham Park Residents Association and distribute further information to all residents.
b. Beacon Lighting – Cllrs will confirm arrangements with Jamie Benton Jones.
c. Cllr Vanson will investigate possible purchases of flags.
14. Correspondence
a.  Market Cross Surgery – letter noted.
b.  Clerk completed the Village surveys for SKDC.
c.  Cllr Crook will circulate the Ultra-Fast Broadband proposal for Irnham.
d.  Request from Corby Glen PC for an emergency number awaiting clarification.
15.  Irnham Parochial Church Council matters for the parish
 a.  Cllr Ayre reported the Bishop had visited to bless the new path.
 b.  Cllrs will discuss a contribution to the churchyard maintenance at the August meeting.
16.  Any other business
a.  Cllr Crow to attend Police and Crime Commissioner Engagement session online on 25th June, 6pm.
b.  Irnham Parish Website has been updated with more useful links.
c.  Irnham Parish Council Update delivered to all residents.
d.  Cllr Hall has followed up the request at the APM for a visit to a recycling site and is awaiting further information.
17.  Date of next meeting
a.  Wednesday 21st August, 7pm, St Andrew’s Church.
Meeting ended at 8.30pm.