June 2024

St Andrew's Church Spring Clean 

Spring clean at st andrews church 1


The parishioners were asked to give up some of their time to help clean the church in May.
The photo shows, from left to right, Janet Gibson, Chris Miles and Dina Miles helping out with, I am told, the dust removed must have been centuries old.  Maybe some funds should go to a vacuum so that it is kept on top of.
In the church, on Thursday 16th May, there was a performance held by Sarah Mc Quaid in aid of Church funds, organised by Terry Lucking of Irnham Community Entertainment team (ICE).
Maybe those funds may help.

Lights in Sky 

Lights 1 1


Lights 2 1


I was sad to say I missed these lights over Irnham and I believe over many areas as I was away abroad.  
They were spectacular to see in pictures but to have actually been here and seen it must have been even more amazing.

Geoffrey update 

Gregory on gate 1


Geoffrey has been getting to know the children in the village and visitors and we were honoured for him to say hello to Sienna Clarke when she came to our village recently.
As I have mentioned before don’t get too close, as I found out on my return from holiday. I was weeding and Geoffrey came over to see what I was doing and if there were any goodies on offer, meaning worms. I had our house keys on a lanyard around my neck and the keys jingled which must have frightened him. 
The next thing was straight out of a comedy sketch. He jumped out of his skin onto my back, I then reacted by raising my hand causing the keys to hit me and it wasn’t until I went into our house that I realised I had a black eye. 
You really couldn’t have made it up.
I still love him as his colours shine even brighter in the sunshine (today the 13th May) 


I love getting photos about events happening in the Village and with the upcoming D Day celebrations in the village I will be expecting lots to publish as well as any other events that you think will be of interest.
Thank you Liz Lucking